Films directed by Ray, and those to which he contributed as writer, director, or on the production side: 

1945         A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (assistant director)

                 Caribbean Mystery (dialogue director)

                 First Tuesday in November (associate producer)

1946         Swing Parade of 1946 (collaborator on original story)  

1948         They Live By Night (director; adapted original story by Edward Anderson)

1949          A Womans Secret (director)                 

                  Knock on Any Door (director)

                  Roseanna McCoy (director Irving Reis with Nicholas Ray)

1950          Born to be Bad (director)

                  In A Lonely Place (director)               

1951          On Dangerous Ground (director & coauthor of adaptation with A. I. Bezzerides)

                  Flying Leathernecks (director)

                  The Racket (director John Cromwell with Nicholas Ray)

1952          Macao (director Josef von Sternberg with Nicholas Ray; additional scenes by Robert Stevenson, Mel Ferrer)                 

                  The Lusty Men (director with Robert Parrish on a few scenes; collaborator on dialogue)

1953          Androcles and the Lion (director of additonal scenes)

1954          Johnny Guitar (director)

                  High Green Wall (director)

1955          Run for Cover (director)

                  Rebel WIthout a Cause (director, Man in last shot)

1956          Hot Blood (director)

                  Bigger Than Life (director)

1957          The True Story of Jesse James (director)

                  Bitter Victory (director, screenplay with Rene Hardy, Gavin Lambert)

1958          Wind Across the Everglades (director)

                  Party Girl (director)

1960          The Savage Innocents (director, screenplay)

1961          King of Kings (director, with Charles Walters on a few scenes)

1963          55 Days at Peking (director with Andrew Marton, Guy Green) 

1964          Circus World (story with Philip Yordan)

1973-76     We Can't Go Home Again (director, producer, story).

1974          The Janitor, episode #12 of Wet Dreams (director, actor) 

1980          Lightning Over Water (director with Wim Wenders, screenplay, actor)


Acting roles:

1977          The American Friend (actor)

1979          Hair  (actor)


Appearances in, or contributions to, documentary films:  

1957          The James Dean Story  

1963          Peking in Madrid

1970          Auf der Suche nach meinen America - Eine Reise nach 20 Jahren (America Revisted)

1974          I'm A Stranger Here Myself

1975          James Dean: The First American Teenager

1979          Garlic Is as Good as Ten Mothers

2011          Don't Expect Too Much