Susan Ray, President & Creative Director
Timothy Ray, Vice President
Myron Meisel, Secretary
Eric Nyari, Treasurer

Paul Caron (†), Treasurer Emeritus

Geoff Andrew, programmer, BFI Southbank
Joao Benard Da Costa, archivist, critic (†)
Susan H. Bodine, attorney
Bernard Eisenschitz, film historian
Victor Erice, director
Bruce Goldstein, programmer; pres. Rialto Films
Jim Jarmusch, director
Philip Kaufman, director
Bill Krohn, critic
Manuel Malle, producer
Marco Muller, director, Rome Film Festival
Walter Murch, filmmaker, editor, restorer
Jos Oliver, producer, distributor
Jonathan Rosenbaum, critic
Barbet Schroeder, director
Rudolph Wurlitzer, novelist & scenarist

The Nicholas Ray Foundation is a 501-(c)-3 not-for-profit educational corporation dedicated to honoring the pioneering spirit of Nicholas Ray by preserving and restoring his films and archives, and by facilitating innovation and experimentation in contemporary movie making.


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