• Restored Ray experimental feature preems

    Pic was made in collaboration with helmer's film students

    The legacy of Hollywood maverick Nicholas Ray is looming large on the Lido where his freshly restored, groundbreaking "We Can't Go Home Again" finally world-preemed in its finished form -- along with a new docu and a panel discussion -- ahead of today's centennial of the "Rebel Without a Cause" helmer's birth.

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  • Learning by doing, Learning by watching: In seinem unvollendeten letzten Werk betreibt Nicholas Ray spinnert-geniale Filmpädagogik .


    No moss gathered: Nicholas Ray’s We Can’t Go Home Again

    Four decades after the great Hollywood rebel Nicholas Ray took up a teaching post, his class experiment and swansong We Can’t Go Home Again has finally been ‘completed’ by his widow Susan. She talks to Demetrios Matheou

    One can image a number of directors and actors who would adhere to the notion that “film is a way of life”. But for the late Nicholas Ray this really was a credo, filmmaking for him being a means of exploring the changing society around him and his uneasy place in it.

    “Nick would do anything to make a film,” says his widow, Susan Ray. “Making movies was his way of breathing.” And nowhere is this more evident than in his last film, the unfinished, hugely ambitious, erratic but inspiring behemoth that is We Can’t Go Home Again.

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